About Us

We love nature. It’s everywhere in our lives, and also in our products.

From our raw, organic ingredients, to our sustainable production process, to our name and commitment to the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund, we put respect for nature at the center of Gorilly Goods.

We support all things cleanly grown, fairly traded, sustainable and full of nutrients. Soaking our nuts and seeds charges their energy and brings them to their full potential to nourish. Low-temp dehydrating creates the crunch while maintaining the integrity of the vital nutrients. The high quality ingredients sourced from top certified organic growers around the world make going for an extra handful, easy, and smart.

We collaborated with Frank and Cindy from EVOLVE Brands, which resulted in their acquisition of the Gorilly Goods brand.  The event can best be described as the Gorilly Goods clan and the Supernola clan joining as a family.  A renewed energy has entered the facility and everyone is excited to continue making your favorites as well as introduce you to new deliciousness. EVOLVE Brands is dedicated to running a transparent business making clean and mindful snacks.


For the love of nature, and good food,

Chris and Stephen, Gorilly Goods Founders



Everything about Gorilly Goods is Organic. From our USDA Organic certification by MOSA that verifies everything we do, to our sourcing from small suppliers and direct from the farm to make sure we have the best quality and most sustainable nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables. We sprout our nuts and seeds, and dehydrate at low temperatures to maintain the integrity of the nutrients you get in our snacks, so you know that when you eat them, your body can actually absorb all the nutrients our powerful ingredients have to offer.  We power our process with 100% renewable energy. We compost our scrap ingredients and waste. We recycle. We aim to be waste-free every single day. We put our love for the planet in every single thing we do here at Gorilly Goods. Now that's transparency.