Genuine Goods

Genuine Goods
Genuine Goods is the promise we make. It goes into everything we do.
It’s our promise to always source the best, Certified Organic ingredients. To work with Fair Trade partners and local growers. To power our business with 100% renewable energy. To make decisions with sustainability in mind. To help people. To care for all living things. Because that is where Good takes root.

Our products are:


We only use Certified Organic ingredients in our products.

Gluten Free

Gorilly Goods ingredients are naturally gluten free so people with gluten intolerances or Celiac disease can still enjoy our snacks.

Peanut Free

Our entire facility is peanut free, so you can feel safe in eating our products if you or a family member has any peanut allergies.

Low Glycemic

Our organic ingredients are naturally low on the glycemic index with no artificial sweeteners, no added ingredients.


Everything on our ingredient label is from the earth and never modified by scientists.


No animals or animal byproducts are used to make Gorilly Goods.


We went back to the basics to make Gorilly Goods. There are no artificial or refined ingredients in our snacks. *Hillside does contain tamari which contains soy.

Nutrient Dense

The nuts, herbs and fruits used in our products are naturally packed with nutrients to fuel your body.

Whole Food Ingredients 

Everything we use in our products is from the earth, naturally, and not refined or heavily processed whatsoever.


When making Gorilly Goods, the product maintains a core temperature below 118°F so you get the most nutrients per bite possible.